Check Me Out

If someone had said to me I would be writing a blog a year ago, the first thing i would have said is “whats a blog”

If you have looked over my website you would have seen that i have been in the industry for many years, the one thing I didn’t realise i could do, was write “a blog” and cover all the questions i get asked on a regular basis when speaking to customers about their gardens,driveways and much more.

Every fortnight i will focus on a topic that I have been asked or industry news and trends, to keep you all updated.

This blog isn’t going to be all facts and figure but a spin on my personality and i hope you enjoy reading.

I will leave comments open on each post and encourage people to comment and ask me anything about their gardens and driveways. I will always respond.

My posts from time to time will link to companies and associations i work closely with so you can completely check out the products and the standard I work to.

I will always encourage my customers to get a few quotes as every company has different visions and style and mine may not be what you are looking for but could lead you in the directions you want.





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