Privacy Policy

In line with the GDPR regulation, I wanted to disclose my data protection policy to all of  my customer to ensure the transparency and protection of your data when dealing with your enquiry.


What is being collected?

I will take your name, contact number and email from initial contact, should this progress into further conversations your address will be taken for a home visit if and when required.

What happens to your details?

Your details are only stored on the company computer while your enquiry is in progress, once any work has completed or you have decided not to proceed with the quotation, all details will be  deleted and no longer stored. Invoices produced will be anonymised removing and personal information from the address headers.

Sharing your data

We will not pass any of your data onto any other party and it will not be used for any marketing purposes. All testimonials you provide will not have full  names shown on the website and we will ask for written permission for us to share these comments on the website.